Mark Grand Lodge Meeting Tuesday 13th September 2022

The Mark Grand Lodge had their meeting on the 13th of September 2022 at the Freemasons Hall in Great Queen Street London. Three of our members were in attendance at this meeting. John Darné who was there to receive Mark promotion to the Grand Degree of Past Grand Junior Overseer, Ernest Malherbe (DGM Craft) and Walter Marcus Craft DG Secretary. Also in attendance was Tony Harvey, a member of Cape Centenary Lodge. The meeting was very well attended, and the Main Hall was packed.

Below is a view of the Great doors leading into the Grand Temple. The second picture is looking the opposite.


The following pictures show views of the ceiling inside the Temple.

Then two pictures inside the Temple looking East.


The Investiture of the Pro Grand Master, John Herbert Prizeman, followed by the investiture of the Deputy Grand Master, Francis Charles Spencer, and then the Assistant Grand Master, Denovan Keith Wilson, took place.

The various promotions to Grand Rank then were done, and I received my promotion.

A picture of Walter Marcus, myself, Ernest Malherbe and joined by Tony Harvey – all members of Cape Centenary Lodge of Installed Mark Masters, taken after the meeting was closed.

Everyone then adjourned to the Grand Connaught Rooms for refreshments and the Banquet. Here follows a few pictures of the banquet.


When the Banquet finished, We Three went to across the road, for a final couple of drinks.

All in all, a fantastic time was had by all of us, especially me.