Mark Annual Meeting 1st July 2023

The Mark District Annual Meeting was held on Saturday 1st July 2023. It was fairly well attended, with a Full attendance of visitors and Sister Constitutions.

It was also an occasion for the Investiture of a new District Grand Master – Daniel Lawrence Gadd-Claxton, a new Deputy District Grand Master – Hilton Oates and a new Assistant District Grand Master – Demond Mark Buckingham.

From left – Hilton Oates, Daniel Lawrence Gadd-Claxton and Desmond Mark Buckingham after their Investiture.

The Full Attendance in the Temple.

A most enjoyable Festive Board, where MANY Speeches were made.

The Past District Grand Master, Pieter van den Berg, was presented with two gifts, to show District’s appreciation of the work and support he gave during his 8 years of tenure. He will also be District’s new Treasurer.