Cango Mark and RAM Installations – 7th September 2019

On Friday 6th September 2019, a District Team travelled from Cape Town to Mossel Bay to do the annual Installations of the Cango RAM and Mark. Winston Schultze (Senior Deacon) and his Linda and also Trevor Hay (Inner Guard) travelled in one car. They stayed at Munro Manor. Mike Myerscough (Senior Warden) and his wife Una travelled in their car together with the Regalia bag. They also stayed at Munro Manor. Dan Gadd-Claxton (Deputy District Grand Master), Hilton Oates (Assistant District Grand Master) John Darné (District Grand Secretary) and Desmond Buckingham (District Director of Ceremonies) in another car. John Darné also stayed at Munro Manor while the other three stayed in a flat in Hartenbos. The District Grand Master travelled down on the Saturday morning as he had a lot of gardening to do before coming.

On Friday evening, while the Hartenbos guys had a braai, the Munro Manner residents went to a Fish Restaurant in Mossel Bay and had a thoroughly enjoyable meal.

Saturday afternoon the Royal Ark Mariner Installation took place. Principal Officers were Robert John Brookes – Commander, David Tromans – Senior Warden and Pieter van der Byl – Junior Warden.

The Mark Installation then followed. Gordon Macmillan – Worshipful Master, Pieter van der Byl – Senior Warden and William du Plessis – Junior Warden.

A full on Festive Board with the usual toasts was then enjoyed by all.

Both Installations were done by the District Team shown below.

A very tasty braai was held on Saturday evening at Munro Manor.

Sunday morning the team travelled back to cape Town, with some of us having breakfast at the Wimpy in Heidelberg. A very strange thing happened there. Hilton Oates had a glass of milk!