Barnyard Theatre – Platinum Jukebox, 3rd November 2019

A FANTASTIC afternoon entertainment was held at the Barnyard Theatre at Tiger Valley on Sunday 3rd November 2019. This was held in aid of our charity  – The Cereal Palsy Association De Heide.

Our sincere thanks must go the Lew Leppan for arranging the function. Well done Lew! Thanks must also go to our Assistant District Grand Master,  Hilton  Oates for keeping track of ticket sales and also for arranging the Raffle Prize Draw. Details of the amount raised will be announced in due course. The name of the show was Platinum Jukebox and was a wonderful afternoon of music from the 90’s and early 2000. For those who missed it, you are poorer for it! It would have been nice to have seen more rank and file Mark Masons present.

During the second half of the show the audience was encouraged to participate in the dancing of the different musical items. First prize must go to Rodney Atkinson and his partner for their enthusiastic participation. Special mention should also be made to Jim Duggan and his wife. Our Assistant District Grand Master and his wife also entered into the swing of things. I think our District Grand Master must have been a bit tired as he was not observed to be dancing.

Another special mention must be made of Steve Sillifant and his partner for their rendition of the Makarina. Unfortunately our District Grand Secretary could not dance owing to him having to take notes!

All in all a GREAT afternoon entertainment. We hope to see more Mark Masons supporting our future events. You will all be kept informed.